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The central stressed: livestock manure is an important resource of organic fertilizer, not pollution!
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In recent years, China's aquaculture industry has developed rapidly, with many large centralized breeding centers appearing all over the country. Although this is conducive to the agglomeration of the aquaculture industry, it also brings great pressure to the surrounding environment.

According to statistics, about 5.5 billion tons of livestock and poultry pollutants were produced annually in China in 2016, 4.6 times that of industrial organic pollutants. By 2020, this figure will increase to about 10 billion tons annually.
Aquaculture pollutants will not only produce sewage and feces and other types of garbage, but also a large number of phosphorus, nitrogen and other substances and pathogenic bacteria spread into the atmosphere, seriously harming environmental safety.

                        How to break the confusion of dung? Is organic fertilizer the answer?

In order to promote the green development of China's agriculture, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has launched five major actions, including the action of recycling livestock and poultry waste, and the action of replacing chemical fertilizers with organic fertilizers for fruits, vegetables and tea.We will strive to basically solve the problem of waste disposal and resource utilization in large-scale livestock and poultry farms by 2020.